karaoke to sing on Paltalk

karaoke to sing on Paltalk

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I downloaded this trying to get a stereo mix to show so I can use it in karaoke to sing on paltalk can you help me with this or is there something else I need ?

Re: karaoke to sing on Paltalk

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Our VAS(VirtualAudioStreaming) works for your purpose, in fact, it is designed for this.

You can view the below article to see how to configure VAS to sing karaoke on website:

In short:
1) open paltalk configuration dialog and set VAS as its input microphone. Something like below picture, I use Skype as example:

2) open VAS main dialog and select your real microphone like the below picture:

3) set VAS as the default system playback device:

4) done.
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