How to fully remove audio delay

How to fully remove audio delay

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I used the trial version of VAS yesterday and I notice that the quality of sound is not very good. There is a lag and also noise in between. Are these present in the purchased edition ? Now I am experiencing a full second of audio latency. According to your FAQ page, if I purchase and activate (remove the woman's voice), I should not get any latency, right?

Relevant System Specs:
Windows 7 64
P6X58D Premium onboard sound
Latest drivers from ASUS, "Realtek Audio Driver V6.0.1.5959 for 32/64bit Windows Vista & Windows 7.(WHQL)"

Is there something I need to configure?

Re: How to fully remove audio delay

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1) First off, most delay(90%) is introduced by the limitation of trial version. See:

2) Besides removing the noise in trial version, audio delay is also depended on your system performance and the VAS buffer size. So, if you have already registered VAS, you can farther remove the delay time by reducing VAS buffer size on the right panel of VirtualAudioStreaming.

To reduce the delay, try reducing the buffer size in the right panel of VAS(named 'output audio to real sound card'). Change the size to 512, 768, 1024, etc. to test. You may have to click 'stop' button before you can edit the buffer size.

3) You may also use Windows system internal audio streaming if you use Windows 7/8. You can try below configurations:

1) Set VirtualAudioStreaming(VAS) as your default playback device.

2) Make sure you unmute VAS:

3) Close VAS. Complete exit it from system tray.

4) See attached listen-to-virtualaudiostreaming.png. Let VAS play sounds to your physical speaker.
listen-to-virtualaudiostreaming.PNG (88.11 KiB) Viewed 39316 times

5) See attached turn-on-vas-volume.png. Make sure you unmute VAS.
turn-on-virtual-audio-streaming-volume.PNG (85.02 KiB) Viewed 39284 times

Now try again, there should be no delay now.

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