Will virtualaudiostreaming record Spotify?

Will virtualaudiostreaming record Spotify?

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I discovered you site on one of the CNET mega downloads. I’ve used Replay music and it is a bit clunky.

So, I have 2 questions:

Do you record Spotify? (If so, does it pick up the ads? L)

Will your recording be in a MP3 format and if so does your software “Tag” them with appropriate artist, album, and song info?

Thanks so much,
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Re: Will virtualaudiostreaming record Spotify?

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1) Yes, Our VAS(virtual audio streaming) supports recording Spotify. In fact, VAS can record all the sounds you hear with one click. VAS is a virtual sound card, so it can records all the 'what you hear' sound data easily .

As to removing Ads in Spotify, it is a complicated thing. Our VAS can automatically remove some kind of Ads, if the Ad is in a different audio streaming. This is one of the unique features of VAS. See:

auto split recorded sounds per audio stream


2) VAS supports recording to both Wav and MP3. It has a built-in MP3 recorder. It also works with other audio recorder.

However, current version does not support artist, album, etc. Good news is many users have asked for this feature, so we will add this feature in the future release.
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