Virtual Audio Streaming - VAS & Virtual Audio Cable - VAC

Virtual Audio Streaming - VAS & Virtual Audio Cable - VAC

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Hello, I wonder if you could tell me the difference between Virtual Audio Streaming and Virtual Audio Cable so that I can make up my mind which one to get.

Actually, we tried Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) before, but when we ran many virtual cards, e.g., more than 10 cards, we got random sound problems (such as strange noises, bad frames, missing samples, etc.). Our streaming server is a QuadCore computer, with 3GB RAM installed. Memory test was run, WindowsXP was reinstalled, another server was tried, but with no success. We just cannot solve the noises with VAC.

From my experience, your Virtual Audio Streaming seems to have better quality than virtual audio cable. However, is it possible to use Virtual Audio Streaming to create several virtual sound cards (just like the virtual audio cable does)? If yes, how to do it? Our intent is to use each virtual card both as the audio output for ‘Winamp’ and as the audio input for ‘Oddcast’.

Thank you very much in advance.
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Re: Virtual Audio Streaming - VAS & Virtual Audio Cable - VA

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Both of them are virtual sound card software. The functionalities of the two products are almost the same.

However, our VAS lists No1 popular downloads in CNet Streaming Audio Software section, which means Virtual Audio Streaming have larger user base then Virtual Audio Cable.

Below are features that VAS has, but VAS hasn't:
auto split recorded files per audio streaming and remove silence
record sounds into MP3
1 click system audio card changer

From many users' feedback, our VAS(Virtual Audio Streaming) has less latency than VAC(Virtual Audio Cable), which results in good performance. Also, our Virtual Audio Streaming has a more understandable user interface than Virtual Audio Cable. (Many users say they do not know how to use Virtual Audio Cable.)

The virtual sound card driver of Virtual Audio Streaming is digital signed with Microsoft. So VAS can be easily installed on 64bit Windows, including Windows7/Vista64. It seems that not all versions of Virtual Audio Cable are digital signed.

Furthermore, our Virtual Audio Streaming works perfect with our virtual webcam software - Magic Camera. So our software package (Virtual Audio Streaming + Magic Camera) maybe a better choice for those who want to stream video as well as audio.

As to the price, the normal price of Virtual Audio Streaming is $29.95 (VAC varies from $29.95 - $40). And if you buy VAS, we have chance to get our Magic Camera for free. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all of our products. We usually response emails within 24 hours for our paid users. You can also get a free YouTube Music Downloader from us if you are our VAS user.

Virtual Audio Streaming supports multiple instances of virtual sound cards, just like the Virtual Audio Cable does. People who are interested in this topic can read the article below: ... -card.html

So, if you are finding alternative software for Virtual Audio Cable, you may try our Virtual Audio Streaming.

We will continue developing and updating Virtual Audio Streaming.
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