VAS recording question

VAS recording question

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This is a great software.

Just two questions, is there anyway the program can stop the recording automatically when there's no sound, or alternatively can I set a time limit so that the program will stop recording when the time is up?

I noticed that when the program captures sounds from computer, it saves to WAV format, do I have the option to save it directly as MP3 file?
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Re: VAS recording question

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1) After you click 'record' command in the systray menu of VAS, VAS audio recorder will automatically start when a sound is played and automatically stop when there's no sound. VAS also automatically split sounds into independent wav files per audio streaming.

For example, you start VAS recording, then play song A, after song A is end, you wait for 5 minutes, then play song B. You will find VAS records song A as A.wav, song B as B.wav. No silence is recorded.

Give a try and you will understand the above example. The auto split songs feature is the unique feature of our VAS.

2) You can start VAS Mp3 recording by click the 'launch MP3 recorder' command in VAS systray menu. The VAS MP3 recording feature can also split songs automatically, it will not record silence.
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